Naweza is a vibrant social enterprize that is dedicated to improve the quality of life of youths living with disability.

NAWEZA aims to provide comprehensive empowerment for people with physical disabilities and help them achieve maximum independence mainly through ICT and other programs.

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The Struggle is Real!!

People living with disabilities faces Tonnes of challenges, They are victims of Negative dicrimination and many society barriers. This led them to be denied many opportunities among them unemployment. In Kenya they are millions of People living with disabilities that are unemployed yet they are capable of working. The youths living with disabilities are highly affected, they are coming from colleges with skills and knowlegde but they are locked out due to their conditions.

Our Mission

Finding ways for youths with disabilities to earn a living through ICT so they can enjoy greater independence and self-sufficiency.


“To empower the youth with disability gain economic usefulness to the fullest possible degree”